One minute project


 Self portrait, exposure time and light provided by a kitchen timer set to one minute

One minute project

 A minute of your time

 After Effects animation

One minute project

Clock time

After Effects animation

A first - unsuccessful  - try at realising an idea of gold threads connecting to my hand.
One of the first projects in the first year of UWE Fine Art was to develop an ideal space for art. I wanted to combine a couple of ideas that had been mulling in my head. The first was of a vision I had had: of golden threads extending from my hands across all time and space, symbolising a connection to all things in my own practice - not just that my practice depends on all others, but theirs depends on me. The other, connected, idea came from of William Kentridge, the idea of a Universal Archive:
 "the German scientist Felix Eberty postulated all of space as a kind of universal archive of all that had happened on earth. The light of every event was moving out from the earth at a speed of 186,000 miles per second. If one was at the right point in space, one could see any event that had happened…every action, heroic or shameful, was there to be seen. Once launched, an image, an event, a discus, cannot be called back. It has the pressure of perfect memory…the universal archive becomes also an overstocked, miserable collection of surplus images…the air is thick with images, time made dense with each event and its image."


Realised as a Photoshop composite/collage

A mocked up version of another version the threads idea in situ. The stars don't show up at this size.

Another version of the threads piece

A small side project: #uwezero
This was an ultimately unsucessful attempt to seed a campaign on social media to rate all UWE teaching as zero to campaign for zero fees this year as a protest against the reduced experience we had due to Covid restrictions.
Tick Tock (version 2)
The film below should be projected on three screens as in the image beneath. 

A mocked up version of a three screen projection for the following video.

Vanishing point series
Analysing other artists' use of perspective.
From Pierro de la Francesca's Flagellation of Christ
From Pierro de la Francesca's Flagellation of Christ
From Leonardo da Vinci's Annunciation
From Leonardo da Vinci's Annunciation
From  Diego Velázquez Las Meninas
From Diego Velázquez Las Meninas
Archival film workshop
Archival film from Pathé mixed with scenes from Gilda (1946) and tracks from the Frequent Traveller album 'Real Life' (2020).
Zines workshop
Collage with text
First go at a sound collage
Source material: the BBC Sound Effects Library and the provided loops in Apple Logic Pro

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