Artist statement
I came to art late in life and almost by accident. A lot of the art I make seems to be making sense of that decision, trying to understand what it is to be an artist (if you know, feel free to get in touch) and what sort of art this artist makes. I’ve kept my long standing interest in teaching and I’m very interested in the intersections of art and pedagogy. This in turn has led me both to an art of institutional critique, and also to trying to build community both within and outside the walls of the institution.

I often make art where the conceptual components are conspicuously recycled. For me, the language of origins and originality, progress and intellectual property isn’t particularly useful and I prefer to think of the work as haunted, occupied by the spirits of past artists with whom I work as a respectful collaborator. In the last few years I’ve made prints, photos, installations, videos, sound pieces and performance works, the latter sometimes having direct interactions with the viewing public. Although the work is often layered, serious and embedded in an art tradition, it’s important to me that it is also accessible. Maybe even fun.

Wherever I start I invariably find that I’ve made another self portrait. I’m getting better at accepting this.
Thank you!
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